Castlegate Capital Advisors is a boutique private equity and advisory firm based in Tiburon, California that provides investment capital and advisory services to small and lower-middle market companies predominantly in the Western United States.

The Castlegate team offers a deep and broad array of experience that is unique for firms of its size and focus. For over 25 years, they have been successful investors, entrepreneurs, executives, and advisors whose experience ensures an understanding of the myriad of challenges that companies face in daily operations as well as during transformational events. Most importantly, our collective experience provides our partner companies an operationally focused, value-added investor and advisor.

Working with our partners, we take an unbiased, comprehensive and long-term view at businesses, combining the strategic thinking of a debt and equity investor with the tactical eye of experienced operators. Depending on the situation we can and will provide operating executives, board members and advisors on an interim basis.